Spain 2023

What a fantastic time we all had in Granada Spain in 2023. The dust hasn't yet settled and I am already in preparations for 2024.

But back to the fun and games. There are way too many people to list here who deserve both a medal and my personal appreciation for all the help, support and effort they put into this event. In fact reviews, podcasts and feedback form are classing this as the best event they have ever been to.

This is such a fantastic result and an inspiration for the future.

The event location, the Abades Hotel in Granada was the perfect location for the 2023 WTC. The staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. The facilities were brilliant. The food delightful and the gaming, amazing.

With close to 200 players the atmosphere was out of this world. Old friends coming together over scenic filled tables meeting new comers and building ever lasting friendships. In both systems the gaming was tough and strict at the top but my TO's and their brilliant referee teams found little work as the rules knowledge of these top titans meant games played smooth and fast.


Off the tables the comradeship was amazing with partying into the night. This  might well have been a tactical ploy akin to the drinking duel of Gimli and Legolas, but the next morning dice rolled and the gaming started anew. with all present and accounted for.

The weather, been Spain, was beyond lovely as well as bare able for some of our Northern teams. Some of us Hard core celts found the swimming pool, especially reserved for our event, very refreshing. at one point i found myself holding court with discussion of future events, lounging in the crisp clear waters.

To sum everything up: the gaming, Venue, To teams and of course the players were all brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic successful event.