Our Mission

We believe that tabletop gaming is a fantastic and enriching hobby, which people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. Our mission is to help more communities get involved in tabletop gaming.

The way we're hoping to achieve this is by running an annual event called the World Team Championships (WTC). This is a collection of tournaments for different games systems, where teams of players from around the world can compete. The prizes? Access to a community prize to help grow the hobby in their countries. 

Of course, part of this is making sure that the WTC is the most prestigious teams event in the world! To this end, we aim to make each WTC a genuine occasion - hosted at great conference centres and hotels, with different host countries each year.

It's been a long road getting to this point - we're a non-profit, and that community fund doesn't grow on trees! A team of hardworking volunteers has been building this event since 2017, and we're really proud of the progress we've made. But the hard work doesn't stop yet - right now, we're excited to be welcoming a third games system to our roster in 2023, and we want to keep growing. If you're interested in helping to bring a new game system to the WTC, we'd like to hear from you.