Diversity & Equality Statement

Gaming is for everyone.

We have a fantastic hobby. We paint models, array our armies, and roll buckets of dice, surrounded by friends, and overall, have a brilliant time. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy our hobby - and to expect a friendly, welcoming attitude when they do.

Many gaming communities have difficult legacies. Both the historical and fictional worlds within which we play our games are fraught with these issues as well. We don’t intend to try and “whitewash” history, or intentionally ignore the difficult comparisons that can be made in the subject matter by authors of old texts. One of the great privileges of our games is the ability to look at the past - and to learn from it.

All of that sounds very idealistic, and immaterial. So let us be absolutely clear.

We will not tolerate intolerance at our events.

If you display intolerant attitudes towards others of different ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual preference, gender identification, you will be issued with a Player Disqualification penalty, as per the Referee’s Handbook, and required to leave the premises. Your team will receive a Team Warning, and subsequent intolerance shown by any of your fellow team members will result in an immediate Team Disqualification. In addition, where relevant under the host country’s governing laws, we will report such behaviours to the authorities. Further details can be found in the Referee’s handbook under “Unsporting conduct > Major”.

Equally, if a member of the Organising Committee displays such behaviours, they will be removed from the committee, and have no further association with International Gaming Events.

Anyone who is punished under either of the above circumstances will not be welcome at any of our events in future.

If in doubt, remember: Be Excellent To Each Other.