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If you game using 15mm (1:100 scale), 20mm (1:72 scale) and 28mm(1:56 scale) figs then I most certainly have some interesting tabletop items for you here in the Wargaming section.

Whether its vehicles, terrain, accessories or just something downright unusual, my resin models will help add to your gaming experience.

All are cast in polyurethane resin from scratch built originals made by me.

My range of vehicles in particular was inspired by my own gaming experience. They are designed to be quickly assembled and painted so you can get to the table as rapidly as possible. They are robust for maximum play and all the rough handling that goes with it. I don’t add on lots of small detail items which end up getting broken off when the club 'Shrek' wades in to move some AFV up to engage the enemy. However adding extra detail is easy.




Deep-Cut Studio is an artisan studio manufacturing miniature, RPG and tabletop games accessories. Our main focus is gaming mats for various miniature and tabletop games. We also provide a wide array of services: starting with graphic design and drawings, ending with manufacturing and packaging. Area of expertise – gaming mats, laser-cut scenery and buildings, tokens, templates, cards and other games accessories.




Welcome to KOed Design, creators of fantastic dice bags and other marvellous sewing creations. We are a small English business based in sunny Sweden, specialising in embroidered dice bags for roleplayers, wargamers, and anyone else that happens to need one.




Here at MAS, we can offer you a variety of well-made accessories and acrylic tokens for games like Warhammer, INFINITY, X-Wing, Star Wars Legion, Bolt Action or Wolsung. We are also a producer of resin bases for various tabletop gaming systems. Our goal is to provide you with the wargaming scenery. Our terrain pieces are made by gamers and have hours of testing and designing behind them. Are you looking for something that will spice up your games? Then you came to the right place.




Osprey has always been closely linked to the wargaming hobby community, with its books being widely used as guides for painting miniatures and designing scenarios (some early Campaign series titles even having a dedicated ‘wargaming the campaign’ section), but it was only in early 2008, with the release of Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules in conjunction with Slitherine Software Ltd., that Osprey stepped fully into the gaming arena. The success of these initial forays into publishing wargaming rules led to more projects, notably Bolt Action, in collaboration with Warlord Games, and the Osprey Wargames series of standalone rulesets. Eventually, the list had grown to such an extent that, in 2015, Osprey moved into another new phase of its life with the establishment of Osprey Games.



Rubicon Models is a premier manufacturer of model kits for the Scale Modeler & Collector.




Playing games with painted miniatures is more fun and immersive. It brings the battles fought and narratives forged to life right in front of you on the gaming table! The Army Painter was founded to help gamers of all types have more fun playing. Having painted miniatures using high-quality products, that are affordably priced, and perfect for the job. All designed to make painting fun, easy, and fast. Win back those hours at the hobby desk. Get More Time for Gaming!





Formed in 2007, Warlord Games are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical and science fiction miniatures in plastic, metal and resin.

Since then we’ve released five core rule sets to cover everything from the Ancients, the Horse & Musket era, the Black Powder era, right through World War Two and beyond into the future!

We’ve developed an extensive range for each of our systems – with the core units available as plastic miniatures, reinforcements in metals, and larger units produced in resin.

The vast majority of the process (from game and miniature design, sculpture, mould making, production, and packing) are performed in-house, at our HQ deep in the heart of wargaming’s spiritual home, Nottingham.

Our range is constantly expanding and evolving, with releases each and every week! We’re always on the lookout for exciting new possibilities – whether it’s having our own sculptors bring new units to life, or if there are other ranges out there which fill gaps in our existing offering.